Construction Accidents

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The dangerous heights and equipment involved in construction can result in serious injuries and even death to workers and bystanders. Your workers’ compensation claim may not be sufficient to cover the costs of your medical treatment, lost wages, physical pain, and suffering, mental anguish, or future losses. In many cases, you will have additional claims beyond those covered by your workers’ compensation benefits if you happen to have a construction accident.

In fact, one in five deaths in the workplace is construction-related. The top causes of construction accidents are falls and trips. Employee construction injuries also occur when they happen to be struck by an object, get caught between objects, and even experience electrocution. If you have been injured as a result of a construction accident, it is vital that you must immediately seek medical attention. It is important to remember to report the injury to your employer or construction site manager, collect any evidence, and speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.

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