Diminished Value Claims

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After an auto accident, you may not be able to sell your car for as much as you could have if it was not in an accident, even though it has been properly repaired. If you think the value of your car has diminished, you could be entitled to compensation for a diminished value claim.

The reason for having car insurance is to help you cover the cost of loss or damages that you may face after an accident. But no matter how well repaired your car is, a vehicle that has an accident history will most likely be worth less than one without; even if the car looks like new and runs better than it did before. Diminished value claims allow car owners to recover the difference between a car’s pre-accident value and its post repair value.

We can help recover that diminished or lost value through a loss of value claim. Sometimes the loss of value claim results in only a few hundred dollars, but often it can be many thousands of dollars. Contact us to find out how to get the lost value of your car after it has been in an accident.