Hit-and-run Driver Arrested After Killing Pedestrian

hitandrundriver_0_oThe recent arrest of 76-year-old John Russel was shocking news for his neighbors after he was implicated in a fatal hit-and-run car accident with a pedestrian. The deadly hit-and-run accident occurred on Monday, April 25, 2016, near the intersection of Mountain and Second Street. A witness took down the license plate number and provided the traffic police with a description of the vehicle that hit the pedestrian.

According to at least one witness, the pedestrian was walking in the roadway when he was struck by a white or silver pickup truck. The victim was dragged more than 600 feet before being left at the side of the road. The currently unidentified pedestrian later died from the injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident.

Police used the information provided by the witness to track down the vehicle of John Russel. Russel initially lied to police about being in the area where the pedestrian was hit by his truck. Later he changed his story and said that he was in the area but thought he had hit a piece of metal in the roadway.

The police placed Russel under arrest and booked him into jail. He was charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Great Bodily Harm resulting in death. A strange statement was made by APD spokesperson at a recent press conference. The police stated that it was a “possibility that Mr. Russell was unaware of the accident, possibly, because it doesn’t appear the actual accident was his fault.”

This is a strange conclusion given that there was a dent from the impact with the pedestrian in the front of Russel’s GMC truck and that he dragged the victim for more than 600 feet. The fact that he lied about being in the area or being involved in an accident with a “piece of metal” seems inconsistent with innocence or a lack of fault on the part of Russel.