Hidden Injuries and Car Accident Victims

Many car accidents involve obvious injuries.  It might be stinging in the face from the air bag, broken bones, cuts and scrapes etc.  However, this is not always the case.  At the scene of a car crash, it is very common for injury victims to tell officers and paramedics that they are not injured.  This is because many individuals don’t realize that they are hurt at first or because the injuries are so minor.  Some injuries take more time to manifest than others and there are many reasons why.

Increased adrenaline is a common reason why a victim does not realize he is hurt immediately after a crash.  Right after the crash the victim is in a heightened state of awareness.  He is stressed and worried about what happened and probably more than a bit surprised.  There can be an element of shock or concern for others involved in the crash that causes adrenaline to rush through the system of the victim.  This means the accident victim may be injured but will not realize it until he calms down and is able to allow his body to relax a little.

It is very common for a car crash victim to report to a police officer that he suffered no injuries in the car crash, only to realize hours later or over the course of the next two days that he was actually hurt.  These injuries are not necessarily minor.  They can be as serious as well.

There are many common hidden injuries that manifest in the hours or days after a car accident.

Soft tissue injuries often take time to manifest symptoms.  This is primarily because swelling in the tissue may take some time and this will cause the pain to increase over time as the swelling increases.  Just because the swelling goes down does not mean that the injuries will go away.  The tightness and soreness in the muscles can last for days, weeks and in some cases months.

Traumatic Brian Injuries (TBIs) are also injuries that may not show themselves immediately.  They are caused when there is a sudden impact of the head or brain when a vehicle experiences a sudden change in velocity.  In some cases, they can be caused by fractures in the scull or internal bleeding in the brain.  However, they can be from less obvious causes like a concussion.  Concussion symptoms may include confusion, memory loss, and difficulty with cognition (thinking).

Spinal Cord Injuries can also be caused by car accidents, but a victim may not realize it right away.  The vertebrae can be moved with the sudden impact with a vehicle or when a vehicle has a rollover.  This can be a severe as a temporarily benched nerve or disc bulge.  However, it can also mean a disc is herniated or ruptures and in some cases slipped out of place.    This can be a permanent or temporary injury depending on the individual case.

Regardless of the type of injury you suffer in a car crash, the advice is always the same.  You should seek medical attention to diagnose and assess the condition as soon as possible.  Delay between the date of the crash and reporting an injury to a treatment provider can only harm your chances of recovery of fair compensation in your claim.

The failure to report injuries promptly after an accident is one of the most common mistakes I see at my office.  Whenever there is a delay it creates problems and a weakness that can be easily exploited by the adjuster and insurance defense attorneys.  Many victims think they are doing the right thing by not making a big deal of a minor injury.  However, if they don’t seek treatment right away and report the injuries caused by a crash, they may be stuck never getting the compensation they deserve from the negligent driver.

If you are unable to obtain medical treatment for lack of health insurance or financial resources, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to find out what options are available to you.  Many treatment providers will accept letters of protection from personal injury attorneys to help you obtain the medical treatment you deserve after a car crash.

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