What is Whitener Law Firms No-Fee Promise? (Contingency Fee)

nofeepromisewhitenerlawfirm2_0_oWhitener Law Firm we make our clients a No-Fee Promise. That means that there is no fee unless the client recovers money for his/her personal injury case. We never get paid unless there is a recovery. If for some reason a client’s case results in no recovery, then that is just tough luck for your attorney who will not be getting an attorney fee.

This type of attorney-client fee arrangement is known as a contingency fee. The attorney fee is made contingent on there being a recovery in the client’s case. This recovery may be in the form of a settlement, judgment or verdict against the negligent party known as the tortfeasor. Whitener Law Firm agrees to work on your case and pursue compensation for your injuries in exchange for a percentage or portion of the recovery.

Insurance companies, corporations and wealthy individuals can afford to hire their own private attorneys. These attorneys often bill hundreds of dollars for each hour of work they put in on a case. Many insurance companies have “captive counsel.” These are attorneys who are on permanent retainer and work exclusively on cases for that insurance company. New Mexico insurance carriers with captive counsel are: GEICO, Hartford, AAA, Allstate and Farmers. Insurance companies have been known to pay private defense firms upwards of $50,000 to defend claims that could be resolved for $15,000 or $20,000. They know if they fight enough small claims it is cost effective and they will save money in the end.

The contingency fee arrangement allows injury victims to get the representation they deserve to fight corporations and insurance companies. Whitener Law Firm’s contingency fee model allows every New Mexican – regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender or age – to obtain the highest quality representation without payment of any money out of their pocket to hire their attorney.

When Whitener Law Firm takes your case and enters into an attorney-client relationship, your case is pursued with the energy and devotion that it deserves. Since, Whitener Law Firm has a financial interest in making sure that you obtain the maximum recovery, you can be sure that we won’t sell you short or shirk our responsibilities to you the client.

Whitener Law Firm has a reputation for success and collects millions of dollars in settlements, awards and verdicts for our clients every year. With Whitener Law Firm’s contingency fees arrangement, you can to obtain the best at no additional cost.

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