Shawn S. Cummings


Shawn S. Cummings is an injury attorney at Whitener Law Firm, P.A. and takes pride in being able to represent injured New Mexicans in fighting for justice. 

Shawn grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and attended college at the University of New Mexico where he obtained a B.A. in political science.  Shawn graduated from the UNM School of Law in 2008 and has been practicing law in New Mexico ever since.  Prior to law school, he worked as an insurance agent for several years. 

Shawn started his career as a lawyer at a defense law firm focusing on insurance coverage and was later named a Southwest Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2016 and 2018 in the area of insurance coverage.  Now Shawn uses his legal experience and knowledge to represent individuals who have been injured and fighting for a just recovery. 

In his spare time, Shawn enjoys spending time with his children, mainly at the baseball and soccer fields where they play.  Shawn is also a marathon and ultra-marathon runner and has finished numerous races across the country, including finishes at Boston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Aspen, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Valles Caldera, Jemez, the Duke City, as well as the Leadville 100.  Shawn uses the same approach in his cases as he does with endurance running and life: Never give up.   

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