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At Whitener Law Firm, P.A. you’ll find a team of experienced Albuquerque personal injury lawyers who understand New Mexico law. The attorneys and staff at Whitener Law Firm, P.A. have a reputation for aggressive and high quality representation, honesty and competitive spirit.

If you’re seriously injured, you might face loss of income, huge amounts of complex paperwork and long delays from the insurance company. Whitener Law Firm, P.A. has helped thousands of clients over the years by collecting millions of dollars for their injuries. We understand your rights, and what you’re entitled to.

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Are You An Auto Accident Victim?

Are you an auto accident victim?  You are if you were injured by another individual driving some type of motor vehicle.  A crash may involve a motorcycle, regular car, truck, semi-tractor trailer or some type of commercial vehicle.  The process of making a claim is often so difficult that it is easy to see why an accident victim doesn’t even pursue an injury claim.

Victims are often overwhelmed when faced with daunting paperwork, soaring medical expenses, lost wages and long delays when insurance company adjusters drag their feet on getting anything done.  Some victims throw up their hands and don’t even pursue their claims.


If you want to cut through the insurance company run around, then you need New Mexico lawyers who know New Mexico law and how to deal with the insurance companies.  At Whitener Law Firm, our experienced auto accident attorneys work zealously for our injury victims to get them the money they deserve.

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