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The 100 Deadliest Driving Days For Your Teenager!


As summer enters full swing we are well into what the nonprofit National Safety Council has referred to as the 100 deadliest days of the year for teen drivers.  It should come as no surprise that teen drivers are more at risk for car accidents than other drivers on the roadway.  It is generally believed that this is due to some of the following factors:

  • Teens drivers lack experience in driving;
  • Teens drive more in summer;
  • Teen drivers often underestimate dangerous situations;
  • Teens are more likely to speed than other drivers This is especially true of male teens;
  • Teens have the lowest rate of using seat belts;
  • Teens are more likely to drink and drive.

Here is some sobering information about summer.  Memorial Day kicks off what’s known as 100 deadliest days for teen drivers.

Beginning on Memorial Day and going through to Labor Day, these 100 days are considered the most dangerous days for driving for teens by the National Traffic Safety Administration.  In 2012, 1000 people were killed crashes involving teenage drivers.  More than half of those killed were teens.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day in 2012, nearly 1,000 people were killed in crashes involving teen drivers, and more than 550 of those killed were teens, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data analyzed by the non-profit National Safety Council.

While all teens are at an increased risk during summer, there are three groups that are more at risk than others:

  • Males and male passengers between the age of 16 and 19 were twice as likely to be killed in a motor vehicle crash;
  • Teens driving with teen passengers greatly increased the risk of a car accident and the risk became greater with an increase in the number of passengers;
  • Newly licensed teens are more at risk than other drivers during the first months following licensure.


There are some easy ways to help teens become safe drivers.

Seat Belts – Make sure your teen always uses a seat belts.

No DUI – Be sure your teen knows about the real dangers of drinking and driving.

Supervised Driving – Drive with your teen frequently (and don’t let him drive alone) in the months following licensure.

Drive Solo – Don’t allow your teen child to drive with other teenagers until the teen has shown himself to be responsible.

No Nighttime Driving – Don’t allow your teen to drive at night.

Set a Good Example – Drive like you want your teen to drive; with patience and moderation.

It is unfortunate, but drivers of all ages can be injured in a car crash.  Even if you are a safe driver, it does not mean that other drivers will make the same choices.  If you or your teen driver are involved in a car crash, then contact Whitener Law Firm for New Mexico Lawyers who know New Mexico Law.

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