Tire Failure Cases

When it comes to vehicle safety, tires are one of the most important pieces of equipment on your vehicle. Good reliable tires play a large part in determining how quickly you can stop, turn and react to dangerous conditions.

Tire companies sometimes put the profits of the company over the safety of the consumer. Tire failure, tread separation, and blowouts are often the consequence of defective tires and can lead to devastating consequences for drivers and passengers who depend on safe tires to protect them and their families.

Tire companies hide the fact that their tires are more prone to failure than the average American believes them to be. Thousands of car accidents are caused each year by well-maintained tires that blow out due to defects in the design or manufacture of the tires.

If a driver is lucky, it is just an inconvenience. However, all too frequently blowouts and tread separation accidents from design defects lead to serious injury or death.

Principal Causes of Tire Failure

The most common type of tire failure cases are due to tread detachment or tread separation.

These failures may cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. While there are many causes for tread detachment, it can be due to repair defects, fatigue failures, mounting damage or tire age. Tires that have been manufactured using defective adhesives and impure materials are more prone to tread separation.

Tire Failure Cases – Preserve Evidence and Get an Attorney

When you are involved in an accident involving a tire failure, it is important to make sure you preserve the vehicle and the tires. This evidence must be obtained for your defective product attorney so that he can have the tire inspected by a qualified expert. Do not allow your tires to be destroyed or sent to a junkyard.

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