Nursing Home Abuse

Families intend the best for their loved ones by sending them to nursing homes. Continuing care facilities must guarantee well-being and comfort for the elderly. However, some nursing home facilities in Albuquerque mistreat residents for various reasons. For example, nursing home abuse can arise when staff members assault residents. Whether the exploitation is intentional or unintentional, it can lead to emotional damage, bodily harm, or death.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, many nursing home residents avoid reporting abuse cases to their families or the authorities for fear of potential consequences. Thus, you must recognize the signs of nursing home abuse to guarantee your loved one receives the quality care and respect they deserve.

The indicators of nursing home abuse are:

  • Bed sores
  • Dehydration and malnourishment
  • Unusual sexually transmitted ailments
  • Head wounds
  • Skin burns, bruises, and welts
  • Sleep conditions
  • Depression

If you notice those indicators in your family member, consider investigating the root of the harm. Never hesitate to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit when the signs point to harm from caregivers.

Types Of Nursing Home Abuse

Bodily Abuse

If nursing home caregivers bring intended physical damage to residents, their acts amount to abuse. Physical abuse can consist of:

  • Rough handling
  • Involuntary isolation
  • Withholding food
  • Burning
  • Slapping, punching, assault, and pushing
  • Bodily punishment

Sexual Abuse

One type of nursing home abuse that is not commonly thought of is sexual abuse. The Administration of Community Living (ACL) reports that more than 20,000 people experienced nursing home sexual abuse in the past 20 years. Sexual mistreatment can happen in the form of:

  • Indecent touching
  • Attempted rape
  • Forced sexual penetration

Emotional Abuse

Actions by the staff members can bring psychological harm to your parent or grandparent. For instance, disparaging words from caregivers can leave your loved one feeling depressed. Visit your loved ones at the nursing home frequently. During your visits, you may talk to your loved ones to learn if anyone is mishandling them. It will permit you to know the psychological changes in your family member.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

An unfortunate reality is that most nursing home abuse cases go unreported. Many residents in long-term care facilities fear reporting or are unsure of the process to follow.

If you or your loved one are injured from nursing home abuse, report the issue as fast as possible. Reporting the case quickly can prevent further harm to your family member or save their life. You can report nursing home abuse in Albuquerque to:

  • Police
  • National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA)
  • Long-term care ombudsman
  • Nursing home abuse attorney
  • Doctors and health specialists

Why You Should Consult A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Learning that your loved one has suffered trauma or abuse at the hands of caregivers can be hard to process. The emotional burden associated with it could prevent you from handling the issue correctly. If you intend to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit, you want to work with an experienced attorney at Whitener Law Firm. Working with a lawyer will benefit you and your loved one to receive compensation and the justice they deserve.

Get A Just Outcome

A nursing home abuse lawyer works for you and your family. They will gather sufficient evidence to prove to the court the nursing home made mistakes that led to injuries to your loved one. A lawyer will work with social workers, police, and primary care doctors to gather relevant facts for the case. Thus, working with a nursing home abuse attorney increases your chances of getting justice.

Representation In Court

At times, victims of nursing home abuse may decide to go to court to obtain justice. If your case goes to court, the attorneys at Whitener Law Firm have the experience needed to navigate these proceedings and present your case. Your nursing home abuse lawyer will represent you before the trial bench and do everything to win your case.

Hire Whitener Law Firm For Your Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

If you think a nursing home is harming your loved one, we can assist you in getting compensation. Our experienced lawyers will gather evidence and represent you until you get a settlement. Contact us for a free consultation if you intend to file a nursing home lawsuit in Albuquerque.

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