Sleep Deprivation and Auto Accidents

According to a recent study conducted by the American Council on Science and Health, “severe sleep apnea was associated with a 123% increased crash risk, compared to no sleep apnea,” and that “sleeping 6 hours per night was associated with a 33% increased crash risk, compared to sleeping 7 or 8 hours per night.” It is well known that sleep … Read More

Common Mechanical Issues Which Lead To Car Accidents

There are over 19,000 auto accidents in Albuquerque each year (New Mexico Department of Transportation). The main cause of these accidents is distracted driving (National Highway Safety Traffic Administration). However, this is not the only factor that can result in a crash. A considerable number of accidents are caused by mechanical issues, which if they are not checked, could leave … Read More

What Do You Mean He Has No Insurance?

When someone else causes a car crash, you assume that his insurance is going to pay for the damages. Legally speaking, you are correct. The other driver is liable for the damages caused by another driver’s negligence whether the damages be property damage, diminished value damages, medical expenses or pain and suffering. Unfortunately, in New Mexico, you may find that … Read More

Car Crash Case Questions

Some people are lucky and can go their entire life without being involved in a car crash — then there is the rest of us who are not mercifully free from having someone drive right into our car while we are sitting in it. When that happens you realize that car accidents are more complicated than you ever imagined. Here … Read More

Are You an Auto Accident Victim?

Are you an auto accident victim? You are if you were injured by another individual driving some type of motor vehicle. A crash may involve a motorcycle, regular car, truck, semi-tractor trailer, or some type of commercial vehicle. The process of making a claim is often so difficult that it is easy to see why an accident victim doesn’t even … Read More

After a Crash… Who’s Going to Pay Your Medical Bills?

It should be pretty obvious that the leading cause of personal injury is a car accident. Injuries range from whiplash and minor contusions to broken bones and permanent paralysis. As an injury victim steps out of the urgent care or emergency room, the thought of how he or she is going to pay his medical bills. Who is responsible for … Read More

Car Insurance and Single-Car Crashes

Car Insurance and Single-Car Crashes Single-car accidents are far too common in New Mexico even if not as frequent as two or three car crashes. They are often as dangerous as two car accidents and frequently have similar injuries. Single-car accidents often involve vehicle crashes with fixed objects. It may be a car that strikes a tree, traffic light or … Read More

The Car Crash Trip to The Circus

After a car crash, your first thought is how you are going to pay your medical bills and fix your car. Once you figure out who the other guy’s insurance company is, you call to set up the claim. Now nobody will return your calls or inspect your car. Next, you get a form letter that they are “investigating” your … Read More