How Do I Choose the Right Attorney for My Car Accident?

Finding the right lawyer to work with you on a car accident lawsuit or personal injury claim is important. You want a lawyer who is experienced and well-versed in the kind of law involved, so they can navigate the process efficiently and intelligently. You also want someone who can explain your legal options to you clearly and concisely, every step of the … Read More

5 Common Mistakes When Filing a Car Accident Claim

When you’re injured in a car accident, you may expect to receive compensation from the other party for your injuries or property damage. But if you’ve never been in a car accident before, you may not know how the process works, who to speak to, and what your rights are. Lawsuits can be a frustrating and lengthy ordeal, which is … Read More

How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated?

When you’re injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligent actions, you may expect to receive compensation when you file a lawsuit. However, calculating a fair amount of compensation for your injuries can be difficult, especially when it comes to factors like pain and suffering. In this post, we explain how pain and suffering damages are calculated in New … Read More

Do I Have A Slip and Fall Case?

Accidents and injuries are a fact of life. Everyone has slipped, tripped, or fallen in one way or another, thousands of slip and fall accidents happen every day. But if this accident happens on someone else’s property, you may wonder whether you have a slip and fall case. Wet floors, defective stairs and rough or uneven patches of the ground are … Read More

Sleep Deprivation and Auto Accidents

According to a recent study conducted by the American Council on Science and Health, “severe sleep apnea was associated with a 123 percent  increased crash risk, compared to no sleep apnea,” and that “sleeping 6 hours per night was associated with a 33 percent  increased crash risk, compared to sleeping 7 or 8 hours per night.” It is well known … Read More

Tips On Documenting Personal Injury Expenses

Car accidents can be very traumatic experiences. In addition to the injuries you may sustain after the accident, you may have to deal with medical bills, auto insurance deductibles, and lost wages. Good documentation can go a long way to strengthen your personal injury claim. If you are injured in a car accident, you will want to document the following: Photographs – Pictures … Read More

When You Can Sue For PTSD After An Auto Accident

Being involved in an accident on the road can be very traumatic and can cause a lot of suffering. Most likely, you will be entitled to receive compensation for damages to yourself and the vehicle. In some circumstances, an injury victim can be entitled to recover after suffering an emotional, or mental health injury, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is … Read More

Social Media and Your Personal Injury Case

Social media is ubiquitous.  There are very few Americans who don’t have a social media account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snap Chat.  With so many people logging on to social media accounts and posting more and more personal information, you can be certain that insurance companies are taking notice and advantage of the situation.    More and more insurance … Read More

Comprehensive, Collision, and Gap Insurance

When it comes to property damages, many accident victims feel the most mistreated by their own insurance company. This is because they feel that since they are paying for insurance to the company, that company owes them something. However, it is here that insurance carriers are typically the most “reasonable” in the claims process. I want to qualify this by … Read More

What To Do If You Are In An Auto Accident

Being involved in an accident is a traumatic experience and it is important that you remain calm. The following is a list of important steps you should take after an automobile accident: CHECK FOR INJURIES Immediately after an auto accident, and if you are able to do so,  you should check to see if anyone is hurt. If you suspect … Read More