Do You Have a Valid Medical Malpractice Case?

According to peer-reviewed research by patient-safety experts at Johns Hopkins University who analyzed eight years of medical death-rate data—the third leading cause of death in the United States is medical error. Even if you already knew that information, you may feel unsure of the validity of a potential case.

Our team of experienced attorneys at Whitener Law Firm can help you with your medical malpractice case. We list some common instances of valid medical malpractice so you can start evaluating your situation by asking these crucial questions.

Did a Licensed Healthcare Provider’s Treatment Cause the Death of Someone You Love?

Though we may trust them, a physician, nurse practitioner, or another licensed healthcare worker can cause a patient’s death through:

  • Surgical mistakes
  • Improper prescriptions
  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Failure to address a patient’s needs
  • Patient neglect

Are You or a Loved One the Victim of Surgical Errors?

One mistake in the operating room can lead to injuries, lifelong consequences, and psychological harm as a result of the following surgical errors:

  • Surgery on the wrong site
  • Incorrect procedure
  • Infections due to professional error
  • Organ damage
  • Forgotten surgical instruments within the body

Does Your Potential Case Involve Anesthesia Errors?

We all sometimes require anesthesia when we’re under a doctor’s care. Thinking about your case, reflect upon these examples of anesthesia mistakes:

  • Documentation errors
  • Improperly controlled IV-flow rates
  • Accidental administration of anesthesia
  • Administration of an incorrect dose

Other Important Questions

To further evaluate your potential need for a medical malpractice lawyer in Albuquerque, ask these questions:

  • Did a provider fail to properly gain informed consent?
  • Was the healthcare facility or practice improperly staffed?
  • Has a licensed healthcare provider involved with the case admitted fault?
  • Is the course of treatment a total mismatch for your condition?

We Can Help You Answer Your Medical Malpractice Questions

Ultimately, the easiest way to determine whether you have a medical malpractice case is by reaching out to experienced and compassionate experts in the legal field.

An experienced Albuquerque medical malpractice attorney from our team can help you look at your medical records and determine the best path forward with your potential case. Simply contact Whitener Law Firm online now, or call us at (505) 883-RUSS today.