Motorcycle Crashes – Drivers Are Not Looking For Bikers!

When you hear about a motorcycle crash, the image conjured in your mind is often one of catastrophe.

Motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer serious injuries due to their lack of protection from other vehicles. They are exposed – unlike the occupants of a car, truck or semi-tractor trailer.

These unfortunate accidents often result in more serious injuries or death than other types of vehicle crashes. When motorcycles are struck by inattentive drivers, it is a recipe for disaster.

Driving Defensively Isn’t Always Enough

This means that many motorcycle riders are often better trained and more aware of their surroundings and driving conditions than other drivers on the roadway.

Nevertheless, this extra training and care do not mean that a motorcyclist cannot be in a wreck even when they are taking the extra care to avoid negligent motorists. Ultimately, riders have no control over careless drivers who share the roadway.

Despite the seriousness of the injuries involved in motorcycle crashes and the extra caution often taken by bike riders, motorcycle accidents are similar to other collisions in many respects.

Bikers are just as likely as other motorists to be involved in the following types of collisions: broadside or T-Bone accidents; distracted driving accidents; drunk driving accidents; and rear-end accidents.

However, there are certain types of crashes involving motorcycles that occur more frequently because of the unique nature of motorcycle design. Motorcycles are less visible to other drivers; they are smaller and harder to see for motorists.

Additionally, anyone who has received motorcycle training or has experience riding motorcycles knows that motorists in cars, trucks, SUVs, etc., are simply not looking for motorcyclists. Riders are taught to “pretend you are invisible”.

While motorists have the same responsibility of care to avoid causing collisions, the reality is that a rider is more difficult to see and often motorists simply are not looking for motorcyclists on the roadway. This means that motorcycle riders are more likely to be in certain types of crashes.

The most common types are the following: stop sign violation crashes; failure to yield the right of way crashes; poor visibility negligence crashes; illegal lane change crashes; and side-swipe crashes.

While a motorcyclist may not be the cause of a catastrophic collision, there can be unfair bias by jurors within the community that could potentially affect the injured motorcyclist at trial.

This means that there may be a preconceived notion held by many jurors that motorcyclists are riding around at high rates of speed and weaving in and out of traffic. This prejudice makes a juror unfairly assume that the motorcycle rider is almost always partially at fault.

When you are in a crash it is important to get a motorcycle accident attorney to make sure that the insurance company for the other driver isn’t setting you up for this type of defense.

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