What Are Prescription Mistakes?

Medical malpractice can come in many forms, and one of the most common forms is prescribing the wrong medication. While not every prescription mistake results in grounds for a medical malpractice case, prescribing the wrong medication can have disastrous results. These cases can be legally and medically complicated, but the expert team at Whitener Law Firm can help you successfully navigate your prescription mistake case in Albuquerque.

How Can Prescription Mistakes Occur

Prescription mistakes can occur in several different ways. These mistakes can range from prescribing the wrong dosage to prescribing a medication with an ingredient the patient is allergic to, prescribing a medication that interacts badly with other prescriptions a patient is taking, and more. These mistakes are also not always made by a doctor. They can also occur if the pharmacist gives you another patient’s prescription or gives you the wrong medication. Even if you are given the correct prescription, if your healthcare provider fails to explain how to properly administer it, you may have a case for medical malpractice.

What Situations Can Result in a Case

While not all situations can result in a case, there are signs that can indicate medical malpractice such as when a prescription mistake results in a serious medical complication, a need for surgery or hospitalization, or results in the development of a disability. A doctor is only liable if they are directly responsible for the mistake. If the harm results from mistakes by the drug manufacturer, the pharmacist, or another third party, then the doctor cannot be sued for mistakes made by others.

Proving Your Case

In general, medical malpractice cases must display the standard level of care under normal circumstances, how the doctor deviated from that standard, and how the patient was harmed as a result of that deviation. These types of cases can be complex, and many things must be established with the help of an expert witness, usually one in the same field as your doctor. Another key part of these types of cases is proving that this medication error caused some kind of injury.

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