How Do Insurance Companies Break Their Promises?

Most car accident victims are not terribly surprised when the other guy’s insurance starts giving them a hard time. We have come to expect that insurance companies no longer try to ensure that people are fairly and promptly paid for their damages. However, the shock often comes when you have been paying precious to an insurance company for the past … Read More

They Are All Adversarial Insurance Adjusters!

After an auto accident and the first doctor visit, the injured person begins to think about how she is going to pay the medical bills and get her car fixed. There is the towing bill, the tow yard storage fee, pain, headaches, deductibles… The first step is usually to set up an insurance claim with the other driver’s insurance company. … Read More

Damages: The Fourth Element in a Personal Injury Case

In the previous four blogs, we discussed the 3 parts of a personal injury case: 1) duty, 2) breach of duty and 3) causation of a harm. This brings us to 4: DAMAGES. Obviously, without damages, there is no point in filing a personal injury lawsuit in the first place. ALMOST HARMED If you weren’t harmed by the other person’s … Read More

Causation as an Element of a Personal Injury Claim

The third element of a personal injury claim is causation. This is often the most difficult part of a claim for an injury victim to understand. However, once it is carefully explained, the victim usually understands what is meant when an attorney tells her that a victim must prove causation before a jury will make a monetary award of damages. … Read More